Sunday, June 16, 2013

Detox baths (Home Spa)– My healing secrets revealed! – PART 13

HERBAL BATH- Rejuvenating, detoxifying, Aromatherepeutic

Dried Jasmine flowers - 200gm - $1.50 (lasts 3 baths)
Licorice root - 200gm- $1(lasts 3 baths)
Chrysanthemum flowers - 200gm - $2 (lasts 3 baths)
Ginseng root - 500gm - $2 (lasts 10 baths)

(You can either use a blend of all the above herbs or just any herb of your choice depending on the availability. Click on this to see other herbs you can use in my previous post)

Soak Time: 30- 40 MIN
(once a week)
My Rating : ★★★★✩

I LOVE hot baths, on occasions when my anxiety rears it's ugly head, a hot bath with scented candles is sure to sort it out. Not sure what it is but there is something truly special about a herbal bath, Something that carries you away to another world.
I enjoy the feel of the hot water on my skin and the delightful scent of
whichever herbs I have chosen to add.

There is something so old-fashion about the idea of the quiet, uninterrupted time spent bathing.  Since then, I’ve consciously been trying to make time for real relaxation for my body and mind.

And with this hopeful plan for regular relaxation I throw in some alluring aromatherapy-relaxation bath herbs in my bath tub to make that time alone even more special and deeply relaxing both physically and emotionally. You can use any of the above herbs or any herb of your choice.

Dried Jasmine flowers

Used in a bath jasmine can help relax the mind just by breathing in the jasmine aroma coming from the bath. The warm jasmine scented bathwater helps relieve tension, aches, pains, and stiffness in the body relieving inflammation and promoting blood circulation throughout the body. It can also help make your skin softer, firmer, toned, and younger appearing with a slight glow! I like jasmine because it relieves depression, anxiety and stress. A nice relaxing jasmine herbal bath also relaxes and soothes the body from head to toe. As an antiseptic, jasmine cleanses the skin of impurities. It also helps to balance oily, sensitive skin, and nourish a dry scalp

Licorice root

Licorice root helps with nervousness and depression. Other Licorice Root uses: adrenal exhaustion, age spots, as a blood cleanser/detoxifier/purifier and protector, to adjusts blood salts, to balance blood sugar, chest congestion, cancer, circulation, colds, constipation, cough, fevers, flu, heart strengthener. Licorice is also a skin lightener!

Chrysanthemum flowers
Chrysanthemum tea helps detoxify blood, regulate blood pressure and calm the nerves. It has antibacterial properties. The traditional Chinese have used the tea to treat influenza, fevers, inflammations and even heatstroke due to its cooling effect. It is helpful in treating skin problems and increasing the immunity power. It also helps in postponing the aging process.

Ginseng root

The Chinese believe ginseng can increase vigor, balance body condition, protect against disease, strengthen digestion, and prevent aging, among numerous other benefits. Ginseng is generally considered by the Chinese to replenish Chi, the inner energy flow that drives the body and subsequently maintain the dynamic of Yin Yang and the five elements. Unbalanced yin yang can lead to illness. A Ginseng tea bath offers traditional benefits of ginseng as well as exfoliation and protection for the skin. Ginseng is revered for its many health benefits and may be used to reduce stress, increase energy and boost the immune system. 

Boil all these herbs in water for 20 minutes. Let it steep for half an hour before pouring the decoction into the bath tub. You can use a muslin bag or small pouch to pour the herbs in so that it doesnt clog the drain. lie back, inhale the aroma and relax!

Herbal baths has a very comforting effect on me, when I'm anxious. With a few simple ingredients, you can turn average bath time into a luxurious, skin-loving, aromatherapeutic experience!

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