Sunday, June 5, 2011

Idols in Concert!

Date: 4 June 2011
Venue: Esplanade, Singapore
A sensational musical extravaganza! With Sriram - Indian Idol 5 , and the runner up Bhoomi Trivedi entertained around 1000 Singapore fans and admirers. They won the  hearts of dazzling audiences with their high energy and versatile voices!

The evening itself started with a pleasant surprise. We were asked to be interviewed by Sony Television reps to speak about the show and the singers! A few lines ,yet I liked facing the camera for a change! 

The mesmerising show started at around 7:45 pm starting with Bhoomi singing tracks from oldies to the new rap songs. She also sang "If you wanna be my lover" from the Spice girls. Her array of songs consisted of Mayya Mayya, paheli zindagani, lambi judai, dum maro dum etc

After about 15 minutes, the star of the day Sriram, came on stage making the crowd go wild  with his entrance! Sriram is not just a versatile singer but also a complete stage performer! He sang Kwaja mere kwaja,rock on etc. Upon audiences request he sang Peelon and breathless which was defintely a breath taking performance. 

The duo later sang songs together , sort of a medley which were peppy dance numbers .The instrumentalists behind drums, guitar , keyboard were full of life and were in synchrony with the singers. Sriram sang  Telugu songs, and Bhoomi sang Guajrati and Marathi tracks. Srirams last performance for the night was "the breathless" song which left the audience asking for more. Among the audience were indians , chinese and Foreigners. Music irrespective of language barriers brought all races together. Such is the power of Music!

To summarise, it was an enchanting, captivating night. A special thanks to Sony Entertainment and Team Works for getting these music artists onboard and giving us an opportunity to listen to them live!

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